AXiS-64 Firmware Revision 4.

Rev 4 is a significant upgrade. Now with three keyboard modes, eight editable configurations and a host of ways to interface with your setup, the AXiS-64 has come of age.

AXiS zones

Keyboard modes.

There are now three keyboard modes; Single, Split and Layer.
In single mode the AXiS acts as one whole keyboard.
In Split mode it becomes three 64 note keyboards.
In Layer it becomes one keyboard sending out on up to three MIDI channels when each note is played.

Config. recall.

When you store a configuration under one of the eight buttons along the top, your AXiS now stores all the Single, Split and Layer information. Just one button press restores those settings and can send the relevant program changes.

MIDI CC versatile.

You may now assign the on board wheels or knobs or external controls to PitchBend, Aftertouch, or MIDI_CC 000-127.
Any control may be used for pitchbend, and you may use the self centering wheel for any controller.
You can also invert the sense of a control per zone or layer.


See the whole manual

Control calibration.

When setting up an on-board or external variable control, you can set the MIDI-center to be below or above the physical center if you like. For example, set the MIDI center high so that the lower range of a pedal is less sensitive to change, allowing for smoother fade-ins at lower volumes.

Off-center control calibration

Usage example.

The AXiS MIDI notes and control data can be mapped to your set-up to give you excellent control. For example, you can map to any of Ableton's Live functions, allowing you to take advantage of 192 discreet note events from the keyboard and 6 control sources from the AXiS MIDI controls. Notes can then be used to start and stop clips, change scenes, start and stop recording, etc., while the modulation wheel or other controls are used for volume, pan, or other variable parameters.



Last Updated : Dec 17 2015

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