Known Issues

Sunday, 18-Feb-2018 1:52:8 GMT

AXiS-49 : There are no known issues.


AXiS-64 Wheel behaviour

When interpreting controls with not much electrical difference between min. and max., Firmware 4.1 and below could give odd MIDI output. The problem persists after calibration and can sometimes manifest on the on-board wheels as their travel is limited.
For example: "It goes from 0 to 18 smoothly, then suddenly jumps to 63, then jumps down to 32, and then continues smoothly up to 127."

Status: Resolved in firmware revision 4.2 which now ships with all new units.

Note: Setting Control Resolution high will also make control response lumpy, but more evenly than the above example. You should rarely need to have it set above minimum (normally only if a control is over-sensitive and generating spurious MIDI).

AXiS-64 Firmware Updater under MacOS 10.5 Leopard: Unable to connect to the comm port

Affects MacOSX Leopard (10.5) and higher. [Details]

Status: Updating the AXiS-64 is no longer supported under MacOSX. Please use the Windows facilities.

Last Updated : Dec 17 2015

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