Special Offer

AXiS-49 Introductory Pay By Check Offer

Limited time offer

As they say on TV, "We can't do this all day"

You've arrived here either because you bothered to stay informed, been told by a friend, or by chance ... either way, if you're thinking of getting an AXiS-49, why not take action now and save $$$ even though it means a little admin.

We're offering $25 or £20 off

You'll need to print and sign an order form, and send it to us via snail mail. (Haven't heard it called that recently).

Look at it this way too, you'll be ahead of the game rather than waiting for our credit card facilities to materialize.


But wait ... Order NOW for FREE US delivery

Residents of the following places, click the links below for your form...

Outside the USA, and outside the EU: We're good to go. You'll need to pay any import duty or local taxes. Use this form. Luckily C-Thru does not have to calculate your local taxes, and cannot be held liable for them.

European Union inc. UK: Please contact the office.

Signed, correctly filled Forms with checks (or cheques) must be received by March 21st 2009

This offer may be modified or withdrawn at our discretion and without giving notice.

Last Updated : Dec 17 2015

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