AXiS-64 Technical Specification

AXiS 64
The AXiS-64 is built to order. The following specification is a 
guideline and individual units may vary.

                            -- --
Range     : 64 notes *
Keyboard  : Velocity sensitive, 64 x 3 = 192 keys
Weight    : 6.25 Kg
Width     : 504 mm
Depth     : 318 mm
Height    :  78 mm 

* In Split or Layer mode the whole MIDI range.

Power Requirement 9-18vdc at 300mA
Power Adapter (supplied) suitable for USA/EU/UK. 

Output : 1 x MIDI Out

2x24 character back lit LCD
1 green LED (Sending MIDI/interrupt)
1 red LED (power on/processing)
8 preset keys (config. storage)
4 Cursor keys (Left-Tab(previous),Right-Tab(next),Up+,Down-)
3 Mode/Page keys
1 Programmable Panic! button

Onboard controls:
"Pitch Wheel" (self centring)
"Mod Wheel"   (non-self centring)
2 rotary controls

Inputs for:
2 Pedal or footswitch controls

PC Interface:
USB (for firmware upgrades)

Flexible control calibration routine for both on-board 
and external controls (switch or continuous).

Control Assignments:
You may assign any control to Pitchbend, Modulation, Aftertouch, 
Portamento, or any other MIDI controller.


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