A Natural & Intuitive Note Layout

Can you guess why the Harmonic Table is so useful?

What is it?

The Harmonic Table (map) is an arrangement of musical notes in a hexagonal lattice. The layout is logical and is surprisingly effective for learning, playing, and understanding music.
It makes an awesome tool for composition

You don't need any theoretical analysis or esoteric knowledge to use a Harmonic Table instrument sucessfully.


Note relationships

Starting from any note (the middle of the diagram), the next note up-to-the-left is a minor third above the starting note. The next note directly above is a fifth above the starting note, and the next note up-to-the-right is a major third above the starting note.

Semitones are in horizontal lines, like the semitone between Minor 3rd and Major 3rd.

In this arrangement, a minor triad (three note chord) has the shape of a left-facing triangle, and a major triad has the shape of a right-facing triangle.

The Harmonic Table pattern can be extended in all directions, and all intervals, chords and scales have the same shape in any key.

Your musical road map

The human brain is good at pattern recognition.
If we don't see a pattern we tend to make one up (like the man in the moon).
Using the Harmonic Table The Shape = The Sound, so you soon build up a mental map.

You don't need to understand anything about sharps and flats (the black notes), and what makes them different to start playing. If you're used to black notes, it may help that the keysurface shows them as darker. However, in the Harmonic Table all notes are equal, and all notes have the same set of relationships with their neighbours.

Note: There is always more than one way to produce the same result on an Harmonic Table keysurface. This is because there is more than one instance of each note. A higher note can be found both to the left and to the right of a starting note.

Using an HT keyboard


The Harmonic Table helps you get to grips with music. All twelve notes of our Western scale fit into a logical pattern in a 2-dimensional surface.

As you use it, the layout becomes familiar and natural.
You'll play recognisable tunes wihtin minutes,
although being able to improvise will obviously take time.

With a little persistance you'll find that you can create with it much more easily than it might appear at first sight. Even DJ's can use it ;-)


Performance MIDI Instrument

The AXiS-64 Pro MIDI controller is for performance and recording. It is fully featued and can handle complex set-ups. See the AXiS-64 page.
(and pictured on tour)

Composer's Music Interface

Harmonic Table interface for your computer. The perfect extension to your DAW. No driver required, just plug it in (USB). See the AXiS-49 page.
See also Selfless Mode


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