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Everytime I compose music I use Axis. Actually it is only midi device that I use.

I have disposed of my regular keyboard and now use only the AXiS or computer peripherals.

The first melody I came up with using the Axis 49 for a few minutes later became one of the best things I`ve ever made when I tweaked it in the DAW.
Typically I very often completely transform sequences in the DAW by mouse, however the start is important for me.
I totally love it and regard it as essential for my composing although I don`t have much time at the moment for making music.
Great product.

I am a primarily a guitarist, and the guitar is my main composing tool. But when I use a keyboard, the Axis is my main tool.

The Axis has become my main composing unit. The layout is as advertised and more.
I have been using it a lot and my other midi keyboard controller was collecting dust until I gave it to a friend so at least it's being used.

I use the axis-49 in all my composing since purchase. I'm very happy with the ease with which I can lay down new tracks - it's like the equivalent of jamming on a guitar but with somewhat less skill required.

Actually I do use my Axis as my primary input device for composing and doodling. I'd say I use it every time I sit down at my music computer or even take my laptop somewhere interesting. I'm a guitarist rather than a keyboardist and the patterns required to create scales and chords using the harmonic table make a lot more sense to me so to be honest, my keyboard has be become largely redundant. I would and will give a glowing review of the product, which I genuinely love.

I really like the texture and shape of all the keys. They have enough friction to press at any angle without slipping and the concave center allows me to know exactly where I am without having to look down. I prefer the short action keys of the AXiS instead of the longer action found on keyboards, which helps a lot with tremolos and traversing scales quickly. It's also great that I have almost a hundred keys at my disposal. being bus powered is a bonus too.

The AXIS-49 for me, is all about serendipity, not efficiency. Finding new patterns is fun. The newness of the Harmonic Table and the tinkering with it, is precisely what attracted me to it.

I especially like that I can carry it around in my laptop back and still have octaves upon octaves of range beneath my fingers.

Yes, the axis is fantastic I use it all the time, it is the instrument I play, which makes for an interesting conversation when I say I'm a musician.

I actually use it as my sole keyboard for composing, programming, and playing for kicks at home. I would say twice or three times a week. It is just so convenient for my little home studio.

It it the center piece of my setup now.

My keyboard skills are quite rudimentary. The AXiS works well for me for recording since I can remember the shape-patterns of chords pretty easily.

I love it. I use it for most of my music production. Plus people always look at me, like what is that thing. It's a good conversation piece. ... It's so easy to play chords and get the sound you want. I can't say enough about Axis. The only gripe I have about the Axis is that the stickers for the notes comes off. Other than that No Problems. I really enjoy your product.

Love the Axis, I use it pretty well for all my compositions. ... Being someone who struggles with a piano keys its made such a difference.

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