Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does the AXiS need a sound module?

A: AXiS keyboards, although not piano-style, are MIDI keyboards, not synthesizers and do not have sounds on board.
Use the AXiS-64 in conjunction with your MIDI sound expander, computer, DAW, sampler, synthesizer or any such device.
The AXiS-49 is designed to be plugged into a computer.

Q: Is the AXiS microtonal?

A: The AXiS-64 can be used for microtonal work, although it wasn't specifically designed for that purpose. Like many controllers, it outputs the 128 standard MIDI notes. The AXiS-49 can now be started in "Selfless" mode which gives you 98 seperate MIDI notes than can be mapped however you like on your computer.

Q: Does the AXiS send MIDI through its USB port?

A: The AXiS-49 sends MIDI via its USB port. However the USB port on the AXiS-64 cannot be used for sending MIDI. It is used for updating the firmware.

Q: Can the AXiS-49 send MIDI without a computer

Not normally, but you can now buy devices to do just that. There are details of a MIDI-USB host on our accessories page.

Q: Is there a distributor in my country?


Q: What is the HS code for import duty?

A: The HS code is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying traded products, and is used to determine how much import duty you should pay. The HS code for an AXiS is 9207.

Q: What are your bank details?

A: Find them here.

Q: What's your VAT number?

A: We are not VAT registered.

Last Updated : Dec 17 2015

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