Playing on the Harmonic Table

Our keyboards are polyphonic, and equally suitable for drums, bass lines, chords, counter point and melody.

The percieved benefits will depend on your background and approach.
For examples, ...

I find ... With the HT, ...
it's not easy to program drums with piano keys velocity sensitive duplicated keys with short travel make drums and percussion much easier
I use lots of different MIDI triggers, and there just aren't enough keys on a piano type keyboard there are loads of keys within easy reach of each other
I can play the piano in a few keys, but not in the hard ones play a scale, chord, or melody the same way in any key
I can make a nice melody, but can't easily work out what would go with it find desired intervals and harmony notes easily
I'm just beginning and want to get going quickly
play any three adjacent notes together with one finger for a triad
I can play the simple chords easily, but those jazzy ones baffle me play rich sounding chords easily
that I sometimes wish I could play that kinda flashy stuff they do with sequencers, but live play low and high notes with both hands and without crossing hands
I want to play with a wider range than many physical instruments have span four or five octaves with one hand
I can't easily imagine musical intervals when I look at notes written on staves learn a great way to envisage, arrange, and compose your own music

How easy is it to learn?

Here's a comment by someone who already played more than one instrument.
Here's a comment from someone with no technical background.

For more about playing see the Video Manual by Jordan Rudess.

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