AXiS 49 MIDI Implementation Chart

Version: 1.10
May 04 2010

Function Transmitted Recognised Remarks
Basic Channel Default 1 X Ch. One only
Changed X X  
Mode Default X X  
Messages X X  
Altered X X  
Note Number   0 – 120 X * See note 1
True Voice n/a X  
Velocity Note On O X  
Note Off X 9nH (V=0) X  
After Touch Keys X X  
Ch's X X  
Pitch Bender   X X  
Control Change   X X  
Prog Change   X X  
System Exclusive   O O * See note 2
System Common MTC X X  
Song Pos X X  
Song Sel X X  
Tune X X  
System Real Time Clock X X  
Commands X X  
Aux Messages Local ON/OFF X X  
All Notes OFF O X  
Active Sense X X  
Reset X X  
1. Ranges are; 0-48, 12-60, 24-72, 36-84, 48-96, 60-108, 72-120. Default is 36-84.
Selfless Mode: 01-98
2. SysEx for changing MIDI Channel is planned NOT implemented. The unit currently sends only on MIDI Channel One.

O = Yes
X = No

For more info, see the User Guide.

Last Updated : Dec 17 2015

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